Contract Drafting

Doing business in any country invariably entails entering into contracts there with domestic companies and individuals. We will draft contracts in English so that you can be sure that your legal obligations are outlined and your interests are protected.

Dealing with contract drafting, review, execution and enforcement is one of the main practice areas of our law office.  We analyze all considerations of parties involved in large detail to foresee any possible issues, gaps or omission in clear definitions causing future disputes. We evaluate even the most negligible issues very carefully, to avoid possible disputes based on our experience in contract litigation .

We also provide services for contracts containing products or services in regulated sectors and we offer our clients the comfort of regulatory compliance and most favorable protection in standardized terms.

Contractual Disputes

A vital service for companies who need to enforce their rights against other companies or individuals who have failed to comply with their contractual obligations. This service is available to local resident businesses and non-resident companies alike. We help you solve contractual disputes through extrajudicial or judicial procedures.

What services do we offer?

Contract Drafting

  • Risk analysis and advice on international contracts
  • International negotiations and support for building commercial structures
  • Business contract templates – all kind of contracts including Franchise, Distributorship, Confidentiality, Consultancy, Brokerage, Employment, Partnership, Production, Advertisement, Barter, Importation, Forwarding, Loan, Financial Leasing, Pledge, Guaranty, Settlement, Joint Ventures
  • Contract design and drafting
  • Legal advice and representation in Court of Law in case of conflict

Contractual Disputes

  • Initial consultation to discuss the potential breach of contract
  • Review of the contract by a specialist lawyer followed by discussion on potential liabilities and remedies
  • Negotiation with the other contractual party to determine if an amicable resolution can be reached
  • If amicable agreement not possible, court proceedings for remedies.

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