Find English Speaking Lawyers in Europe – Establish a Company in 11 European Countries

Legal Services provided by English speaking Lawyers in 11 European Countries, at more than 80 locations throughout Europe

Ateşkan Law Office is a member of the international network of independent law firms in Europe which serve similar sectors and share common standards. The members of the network have come together to create uniform quality and integrated services.

Ateşkan Law Office collaborates with the law firms in the network to give integrated legal services, however Ateşkan Law Office has no co-partnership, association or any other kind of legal relationship with them.

All law firms in the network have their own independent legal entities and operate individually and independently before their local professional organizations. All members of the network practice only in their city where they are registered to the Bar. Ateşkan Law Office in Izmir does not assume the liability of any lawyer or any law firm within the network.

We can assist you with your legal problems in many countries in Europe by contacting our colleagues in the network. All member lawyers affiliated with our network speak English fluently and can provide a variety of legal services in the country they practice.

Each of the lawyers have signed up to stringent terms and conditions to provide a uniformly high level of service at a reasonable price. Contracting a professional abroad doesn’t have to be a risky business.

When you locate a professional on the network you will benefit from a number of guarantees and advantages specifically:

  • The lawyer will speak a high-level of English.
  • The lawyer is registered with their relevant Professional Regulatory Body before joining our network.
  • The lawyer will be covered by professional indemnity insurance.
  • You will receive an up-front, detailed quotation that sets-out the services you will receive as well as the fees to be charged.
  • Obtaining these guarantees costs you absolutely nothing!
  • Furthermore, all quotations provided by the lawyers on the network are guaranteed to be competitive.

Our international network of lawyers currently operate in eleven countries, namely in Cyprus, FranceGreece, Italy, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, SpainTurkey, and United Kingdom.

If you need legal assistance, buy or sell a property or establish a business in one of these countries, please contact Ateşkan Law Office.

Ateşkan Law Office has its own legal practice in Izmir, Turkey and can assist you get in contact with our network members in other cities of Turkey and Europe, at no cost.

Please call us or send an email to learn more about our collaborators in Turkey and in other European countries.

CONTACT (90 232) 332 21 10 or  (90 544) 288 5280

Find an English speaking Lawyer and Establish a Business in France

Find an English speaking Lawyer and Establish a Business in Greece

Find an English speaking Lawyer and Establish a Business in Italy

Find an English speaking Lawyer and Establish a Business in Spain

Find an English speaking Lawyer and Establish a Business in  Turkey


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